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About Montana, LLC  


  About Montana, LLC was created to provide independent consulting services for local and regional community education in learning about and integrating artificial intelligence (AI), solar energy, and the mediation of climate change in community life. 

  Rural communities can prosper when community members engage in technological and economic activities that are transformative and provide a base for prosperity. To those who learn and understand, the potential for personal, family, and community prosperity and stability is far greater than one would otherwise expect. ​

  The City of Thompson Falls (Downtown Master Report, 2015, p. 31) understands that the economics of why people live where they do is changing. Once driven primarily by employment, more people choose where they live based on their quality of life decisions. People are staying or moving where they want to live. This phenomenon is in large part due to the lure of our "outdoor lifestyle." 


  Montana ranks #1 in entrepreneurism, and small-company manufacturing in Montana is increasing. Small towns with access to natural amenities and recreational opportunities are now viable alternatives to a big city. For the first time in our modern era, a small town can compete for people and businesses directly with Seattle and LA, and other population centers. The challenge is you have to have the right amenities and community focus. Rural communities have to be accessible and convenient, offer technologies that connect with other communities and companies, and let people know that a rural community can prosper. 


  A community, informed by understanding the change in economics from technology and climate, develops a future narrative. Informed visioning and decisions become a gateway for a community to put aspirations into words and engage in the future. Education and discussion are a path, a summary of future goals by being in the moment of the future. 


Charles W. Bickenheuser, EdD

March 2021

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